Get A Great Purchase Price

Transparent Trade-In Value

Determining the trade-in value of your car sounds like an easy enough task, but with so many different resources offering different amounts, buyers are frequently left feeling confused. Many dealerships utilize various calculations – such as Black Book, NADA, Edmunds, and Kelly Blue Book – to manipulate a vehicle’s trade-in value. Dealerships also frequently further deduct from trade-in value for things like reconditioning costs, dealerships often exaggerate what it costs to get the car ready for sale on the lot.

As a car buyer, what can you do to ensure you receive a fair deal? The Car Caterer can help! With 2 decades of experience in the automotive industry, The Car Caterer can first help you determine the actual trade-in value of your car. We will also break down common devaluing tactics used by dealerships to protect your money. With The Car Caterer, you will maintain your vehicle trade-in value, keep money in your pocket, and increase your cash down payment – we can save our customers thousands of dollars on average!

What are you waiting for? With The Car Caterer, you can feel confident that you are getting a new car at a fair price and transparent trade-in value – with extra money in your pocket!

While taking away the anxiety of the buying process and letting the car caterer shoulder the weight and pressure.

Additional services as insuring a fair finance or lease deal available as well.